Gift Giving

Gift Giving

Finding the right gifts for your loved ones can be challenging especially if you are buying for children. But thankfully there are plenty of conventions and fairs you can attend to get the latest updates on what’s happening in the world of toys. By going to these events you can figure out what toys are most popular, what’s coming forth in the future, and this will help you to decide which gifts for your loved ones are the most appropriate given their personal interests, and of course what’s available.

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With so many toy fairs taking place this fall, and many more lined up to walk the stage in winter, it is no wonder the list of new toys and kids gadgets coming out over the course of the next few months is so impressive. Playtime Tokyo Fair international trade show is dedicated to Children’s Universe and will feature nursery equipment, toys, clothing, and most importantly, games. This it is not the only toy fair/exhibition this month.  The end of summer wraps up with an international toy fair. The Children’s World and Intertoys exhibition allow visitors to enjoy a large exhibition of children’s toys, as well as literature, fashion, goods, and school supplies. This fair is a great place to find children’s toys. That said, there are many fine toys that should be monitored over the next few months:

STEM Gifts

The best gifts you can get for kids and young adults are things that really encourage them intellectually. Stem toys in particular, games that focus on science, technology, engineering, math, or things that help integrate history into all this are particularly effective. Today, children are learning all about science, and especially the sciences that Ancient Egypt brought to the learning table. Ancient Egypt is well known for its great pyramids. What most people do not know is that these great pyramids did not just appear on the first try. It took many attempts before the quintessential pyramid we all associated with Egypt today was successfully created. Sneferu was an ancient pharaoh who is well known for his failed pyramids, those which are around today, but actually served at the time of their construction as a sort of trial and error situation. It was his son, Khufu who commissioned the construction of the great pyramids we know today. That said, Imhotep was the architect associated with many of these construction projects, and it is this man-turned-god who has inspired so many S.T.E.M. games. Imhotep is one such game, a game created by Phil Walker-Harding. In this game players fulfill the role of an ancient Egyptian architect by carefully transporting blocks to construction sites. This game is competitive, but more than that, it takes strategy. Users have to learn about pyramid building while also trying to out think their opponents as they move blocks and construct their buildings. 

Moral Lessons in Toys

Klask is a game that teaches children that winning isn’t everything in life. It is a fun game that makes winning just as exciting as losing. A great gift, this game doesn’t suck all of the cognitive energies a child has, doesn’t bring with it the anxieties of competitive games, or the stress of remembering whose turn it is. Instead, it brings to the table fun and exciting game play.  Finally, Sew Mini Treats gives kids a hands on tactile engagement, where they empower themselves by sewing with real needles. Kids benefit from these real life experiences, but also get to enjoy some artistic expression. 

What to do After Gifts

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